Music is my deepest passion.. On my soundcloud page (–>BarbNerdy)  you will find the full story about my history in music, djing and my role in the music biz. Next to my regular DJ Gigs at lovely Panke and sometimes somewhere else. (for booking requests, just drop me a mail)  Via Twitter and on my Tumblr I’m sending out many music redommendations with the hashtag #earcandy. Not genre specific, of course.

Here you will the recordings of some live DJ Gigs but also a conceptional series called: Mixtape – Sharing Means Caring. They are all on Soundcloud or Mixcloud but right now I’m also uploading stuff on (–> Barbnerdy ) as it looks like a pretty decent platform.

Lets Go Dancing:

This is a series of mostly live recorded DJ Mixes at the lovely Panke or at other places, where I had a gig AND recorded the set. You will hear, that every mix is different, last summer (2012)  there was way more TRAP in the mixes meanwhile it gets more in the direction of Juke/Footwork/Jungle .. but as I think still very nerdy and special.


Mixtape Series: Sharing Means Caring

This series started with the title  “Music For Shops” already in the 90ies. I made a lot of tapes, later CDRs which I all copied by hand and gave them to my friends.

The idea here is that all the tracks on this mixes are not getting boring after listening 3 times, every track stands for itself so you can jump in an listen from wherever you start and it sounds great. So it should be a great listening experience either for the people who work in the shop (not to get bored of listening) but also the customer who is maybe only some minutes in this shop should be able to feel it. A wide range of styles is mandatory for reaching this goal.

How to:
Every mixtape starts with a playlist in my library.  Here is the place where i put the tracks I consider for it. This playlist now gets growing and I listen to it over and over again as it obviously contains my favorite tracks. The order is changing constantly but also tracks gonna be removed or added. Mostly the crate of a Mixtape looks totally different than in the end when it is finished.  At least I create the mix out of the maybe 100 tracks which have been living  in this crate for sometimes a very long time. I keep on listening to this playlist over and over, mostly when I’m somewhere on the road. And than one day, bäng, its done. Mixed with Traktor + Controller.


recently some of the mixes got deleted from Soundcloud so I added them all to




Music for special Events:

Another thing I love to do is compiling music for special events. This is challenging cause the music has to fit in totally different parameters like:

1. How is the sound in the venue?
Is it a huge room with a lot of echo? Than its important to play music which is not overloaded. (re:publica, next conference)
2. How is the sound system?
If there is no bass, it makes no sense to play bass music, right? But there is plenty of other music which could fit here. (Megaphon Mixes)
3. What is the audience?
This is also kind of important but if 1 and 2 are already considered, there here are many more possibilities. I think, a DJ is a service provider. Which doesn’t mean that every wish should be fulfilled no no no…. but a DJ should be able to read the crowd, please them a little but take them all to other dimensions….

some of the mixes are not on soundcloud but here on mixcloud:
Megaphon Award 2012 Pt.1:


Megaphon Award 2012 – Part 1 – BarbNerdy Mix by Barbnerdy on Mixcloud


Megaphon Award 2012 Pt.2:


Megaphon Award 2012 – Part 2 – BarbNerdy Mix by Barbnerdy on Mixcloud


Megaphon Award 2011 Pt. 1


Mixtape: Megaphon Award 2011 / Entrance Music Pt. 2 by Barbnerdy on Mixcloud


Megaphon Award 2011 Pt. 2


Mixtape: Megaphon Award 2011 / Entrance Music Pt. 2 by Barbnerdy on Mixcloud


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