#31C3 –>

#31C3 –>

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Great congress, great (12.000!!) people, great talks, great atmosphere. And the german term: “endlich normale Leute” became reality, again.
UPDATE: more talk suggestions added (Jan. 15th)

Revolution of the Present (Documentary)

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A feature-length documentary featuring interviews with thought leaders designed to give meaning to our present and precarious condition. The film prompts us to us re-think our presumptions and narratives about the individual and society, the local and global, our politics and technology. Revolution of the Present is an invitation to join the conversation and help contribute to our collective understanding.

Aaron Swartz – The Internet’s Own Boy

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Finally watched the documentary about Aaron Swartz yesterday and I was touched deeply.
This documentary was funded via Kickstarter.

Wie die Daten durchs Netz reisen

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Sehr schöne Visualisierung von Opendatacity, die übrigens auch die Datenströme der letzten re:publica aufgezeichnet hatten. re:log opendatacity

Germany, July 2013

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Germany just declined to give Snowden political asylum. And Jacob Appelbaum was asking in the beginning of the talk: “And why are you not rioting on the streets?”. Good question. I think we are all totally not able to see how big all this spy attacks are and how they will affect each and every one of us.

See here the talk he gave yesterday at the “Netzpolitischer Abend” organized by Berlins “Digitale Gesellschaft” at the c-base:

more talks he gave here in Berlin, I highly recommend watching these videos aswell:

Jacob Appelbaum 29C3 Keynote: Not My Department (12.2012)

Jacob Appelbaum talks to Dimitri Kleiner: re:publica 2012 – Resisting the Surveillance State and its network effects


Die wilden Wurzeln des World Wide Web

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update: this video is set to private now…gonna try to find another link. ARTE of course has depublished it already.

Eine wunderbare Dokumentation über das Internet, so wie wir es kennen. Bis jetzt –>