Berlin: Abandoned Sport- and Congress Center

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Today it was again very grey, cold and rainy but instead of staying home I went on a little trip with friends and my new bike. Suddenly I had a  flat tire and we started walking, so we came along at this amazing old empty space. Its a a former sport- and congress center which was in use between 1954 – 1991. Later it was used for a TV film set. Right now its just there.  And of course everything is closed and blocked with boards. (more pics from some years ago: and some infos yout the building: TheOstWorld)

curious how it looks inside? —>

Dave the Chimp: The Human Beeings

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36tv: the human beings from 36tv on Vimeo.

Here are some shots I made in XBerg some years ago, I called them: KartoffelMännchen… 🙂

The story of my avatar

The story of my avatar

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…I’m using it already since hmm… 2009 and here is the story about the artist 1010.  I shot it here: