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This is what republica sent out today to people who applied at the call for paper:

Please note anyways: the number of speakers (including the moderator) cannot exceed five and at least half of the team should be female – so start to think about alternatives if needed, whilst we go on matching all the fantastic pitches with our grid.

Do you know how I feel now when I got asked to participate at a panel? As QuotenFrau. Am I missing something out here?




  1. anne
    March 5, 2013

    what is bad with being a Quotenfrau? why do some women see that as a stigma? we have to have a quota until something changes!

  2. barbnerdy
    March 6, 2013

    did you read the article here: https://hallama.org.w0159e53.kasserver.com/gender/spezlwirtschaft-women-in-music-tech ?
    I explained everything. Want to be booked cause of my knowledge not cause I have 2 titties… 🙂

  3. anne
    March 6, 2013

    i read the article. and my opinion differs: we have to have a quota until something changes.

    how do you want to change the situation?

    telling men to stop going to conferences and concerts as speakers or artists until there are more women won’t help, i think, because it doesn’t hurt enough and can easily be ignored…

    • barbnerdy
      March 10, 2013

      I really think that we should not put too much into this “you must do” things. To raise awareness for this situation is – in my opinion – the best what will work. If someone is telling you, you HAVE TO do certain things it doesn’t feel like it was your idea, your choice. But this is how I try to manage things. I don’t want to hurt or scream… as I said very often in the female:pressure discussions: Nobody wants to work with angry people :-).. Does this make sense for you?


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