Spezlwirtschaft? (women in music / tech)

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This article was read and discussed many times and on different (mostly closed) platforms. Unfortunately not here. Whatever.. here is one outcome:  The international network  FEMALE PRESSURE,  I’m part of already since hmm… mid 90ies, started a soundcloud group and a FB page. And more to come…

(Spezlwirtschaft = Lobbying)

With the rising discussion about how to get more women in tech or how to get more women as speakers in conferences its time to ask the same question in the music scene, again. This question is so old…but  it hadn’t changed much, right? Sure, there are more male musicians / DJs out there than female. It always was. But when it comes to club or festival bookings the relation of male/female musicians doesn’t even reflect this little amount.  And this is what needs to be changed. Maybe it has more to do with the so called “Spezlwirtschaft”? Which means inner circle networking or lobbying. But call it whatever you want. The absence of females is obvious.

A huge festival like Club Transmediale which happens now in Berlin made it happen, that is  only 1 female musician (maybe I have overlooked one or two..)  final counting –> 6 female artists did a music performance  participating. Dudes!!!! We have 2013 and you really make us to bring up the mad discussion about “do we need a quota?” again. I’m against it. Cause I want to be booked cause of my music and not cause of the fact I have 2 titties. But If you do not start digging deeper and check out the fantastic female musicians out there (oh yes, dear wired mag, I’m also talking to you!) we need a quota just to gain more attention. And this sucks. Just for the record: I don’t talk about this things: “Hey we are doing a female only party, release etc..)

Dear fellow blogger, booker, curators. Please open your eyes and your ears. Dig a little deeper and you will be very surprised how many cool stuff you will find once you’ve left the circle of your comfort zone. Help us to gain more attention. You know that a mixed situation is always way more interesting than sticking to your old boys club.

So, lets grab some ideas how to change the situation. Lets rock!

Here is an idea from the conference scene, a pledge for more mixed panels/conferences. The idea is, that before you (male or female) agree to take part on a conference make sure there are also women. If you can’t find any, say no. Hmm.. What do you think, does it also work in music?

Aprica: Ein Versprechen gegen frauenlose Panels (Deutsch)

I’m also looking for female artists for my “support your local ghetto” nights, which are taking place every last friday of the month in Berlin at the lovely Panke. Bass Music Artists. Please send me your stuff..

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