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As I haven’t done ANY blogpost in 2015 here is a little overview what happened in 2015 –> This year it was all about –> “Lets go Biking” . Next to work I spent more time in the nature and doing things for me than in the last years. No more: Hei Barb, we have an amazing project but no budget… but in the next project you will be paid. You know where this ends. And I must say it feels really good. I just concentrated on some little side projects like the Chaos Camp and the Chaos Congress.

My main topics are still technology (just got my new pebble time steel) and music industry stuff next to collecting amazing #earcandy – which is the # for my tweets about music. And I’m working in a very interesting field of the music biz. I also decided to start cleaning up my professional life and my skills and started a coaching. It was very needed as I have done so many things already in my life. For me it all looks reasonable but for a HR person it might look a bit confusing. And this is what my coaching is about. To find the jewels in my skills and put them in the right order.

The first half of the year I worked for the “Piratenfraktion” in Berlin. My main job was to set up the campaign including organizing the presentation event for #Fahrscheinlos. An official investigation paper about a ticketless public transport in Berlin. Great project! Since the second part of this year I’m working for Mixrad.io which is a radio-style music streaming service. My main job here is to localize the editorial content, metadata, playlists etc.. which was also my main job the last 2 years for google music. More on my jobs you will find on my linkedin profile.

Apart from a very sad ending of a friendship it was another fantastic year, with great people and I’m very much looking forward to 2016.

And here is some fun stuff:
Strava just put out this sweet little animation also for non premium users.
But lets start with biking:


I went nearly every weekend to another beautiful destination around Berlin. Sometimes on my own, listening to a lot of podcasts, music or just the wind in trees. Sometimes with Suse from Parsley-Bags as we have both the same speed around 22 km/h which is perfect for a great ride but leaves also a lot of room for taking pictures and enjoying the fantastic nature out there. And yes, nature is very rewarding! And biking is also very meditative.

Lets go Biking   Another  highlight this year was the Chaos Camp, organized by the Chaos Computer Club. It took place in the hottest time of the year and I spent 10 days there camping while organizing the ChillOut floor at Hufeisenbar with Falk  . CCCamp15  I had such a great time, meeting some of my fave artists and spend time at this wonderful Camp with them. Here is the Line-Up:   LineUp: ChillOut Floor Chaos Camp 2015              



Here are some recordings: While I was playing a huge thunderstorm came up, perfect for The Doors – Riders on the Storm


And at the end of the year it was time again for the Chaos Congress in Hamburg. I had the pleasure to organize again the ChillOut Floor: Anti_Error_Lounge, together with MoGreens, Gregoa and Grizu.
#32C3 - Anti_Error_Lounge





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