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As I spent nearly 15 years in the music-biz I can see a lot of similarities here to the digital scene. But the biggest difference in making new contacts is this:

Express yourself

When going to a music conference back in the days, like PopKomm (actually there where not too many things like this) you have your badge with your name and picture on it around your neck. So everybody was running around, heads down,  trying to read what is on the neighbours batch, to find out about this person. Do I know him / her by name, shall I talk to him bla bla… It was not cool at all to ask directly: Hi, hello, what are you up to, who are you?

And this is what I really like about the digital scene. Everybody talks to everybody. Nobody is too cool to ask, who are you, what are you doing, why are you here etc… And this is a massive change, I had to learn (still not too savvy with it..hehe) but I’m really appreciating it. It also comes along with the introduction, when a Barcamp starts.  Every participant introduces himself with 3 keywords. It took a while until I was feeling confident doing it  but now I really appreciate it.

What I still have to learn is to express myself. What am I doing, why am I doing it and what do I want to do next. Right now I’m on the hunt for my next job it’s still a pain sometimes to find the right words in the CV or at interviews but I’m getting there.





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