Iron Blogger Berlin – Kick it :-)

Posted by: on Jan 6, 2012 | No Comments

Isn’t there a better motivation to not write blogposts on a regular basis, when you have a little competition? Yes…we are all humans, aren’t we? Lazy bastards… too much in our mind and too less time?? -> to accomplish all this things. So I was very happy, when I saw Nicole tweeting about –>Iron Blogger Berlin. Its just a bunch of people who agreed to write at least 1 blogpost a week in their own blog. No specific topic given. No writing means 5 Euro in cash to the box. If there is enough money in the box we gonna meet and drink.. YEAH!

I’m still setting up my new blog until its finished, this one will be the main info place. I decided to puplish all music related things to a new tumblr: Support Your Local Ghetto. There I’ll share mostly music related things. Reviews about music apps will stay here.

So, stay tuned. Its very exciting and challenging to set up my own blog. Searching for a theme seems to takes ages… adding widgets and plugins, removing them again and again…

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