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Oh dear, what a thing. Once I realized that my current provider (website, domain and emails)  has gone missing –> not answering mails and calls, I had to look out for a new one. Lots of possibilities out there. As I’m not a tekkie, I crowd sourced some ideas of my friends but decided in the end for a provider, which looks the most convenient for me. I moved everything (domain, website, emails) over to And what can I say, it only took me an hour, one phone call with their service people (on a sunday!) and everything was set.

Pic by BarbNerdy –> Streetart El Bocho – Berlin 2017

For my WP I used the All-in-One WP Migration plugin (Pro-Version) which is doing an amazing job. It packs everything, including database, media, plugins etc… into one friendly package. Once the new site was up on the new server, I just had to install the plugin on the new and empty WP, import the file and schwupps –> it was done! Amazing.

Domain & Emails: I had to request the auth-code from my current provider and somehow I got an answer from them. After 4 months of quiteness. With this code it was just a matter of 1 week to make the change to the new provider.

Next: Check some SEO things in here, sorting out all the categories and: keep on blogging.

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