#33c3 – Section 9

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It became a nice tradition at the end of the year to organize the Chill-Out Floor for the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. 

Still overwhelmed that the concept: “Be Excellent To Each Other” works for nearly everyone there. Here is this years line-up for the are: Section 9. Thanks to Zes and Steph for the wonderful setup, inspired by “Ghost In The Shell”. And a big big thank you to all the fantastic artists. We had such a nice round of all sorts of amazing music. Some sets have been recorded, will publish them as soon as we have these things sorted. Thanks to Gregoa for beeing such a nice partner in crime!

Will add some pics laters,
#33c3 - Section9 - ChillOut Lounge

most of the talks are online here.

And here is my set:
From Tim Hecker to Diggi-Dexter:

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