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Already some months ago I heard of Drip.FM via Ghostly Records and  Stones Throw Records. Its a subscription service for labels which was the idea of  Sam Valenti (ghostly records) and Miguel Senquiz. (Read the story at “Your hidden potential UK“) And yesterday i got an invitation, so I had the chance to test it. Its great! –>

Drip.FM: (A very cool and easy way to share and interact with your fans AND getting paid)
Its a “label flatrate”. You pay per month or a given period of time and you got all releases delivered. Directly. Without missing one release. On top there is the possibility for the label to add some goddies, like exclusives, videos, ticket service, merchandise, special editions etc… This is really a great way to keep fans of a label happy.

For the moment it is in testing mode with these labels:

Drip.FM participatiing Labels

Here is what it looks like when you subscribed:

After login you will come to a nicely skinned dashboard which shows the news and a very nice looking counter, when to expect the next release and what was the latest:

Gostly on Drip.fm - Dashboard


Each release is coming with info text, streaming and download option (128 k, 320k or WAV). Also a nice “sharing means caring” option to FB and Twitter (not more, which is very cool!) and a comment section.

Ghostly on drip_fm Ghostly release


Also the settings page is very structured and simple with only the most necessary fields to fill out (incl. T-Shirt size ..)

This is a really cool idea and reminds me a bit about the old model of book clubs. I would really be interested in getting some numbers, how many people subscribed / unsubscribed.  And of course, it would be great to have a look at the CMS.
For labels like Ghostly or Stones Throw which have a really strong fanbase and a nice collection of goddies this is for sure a very nice move in the right direction in the age where digital and physical needs a shared place.






  1. Sebastian
    July 21, 2012

    Did you get any information about the flatrate costs?

    • barbnerdy
      July 23, 2012

      every label can choose their own pricing — > https://drip.fm/about

      Stones Throw are offering 2 prices: 10,- and 15,- $ per month. Not sure about Ghostly, yet. Will add this info, when I found out about it

  2. Vic
    November 22, 2012

    @barbnerdy stones throw’s is 10, not 15.

    • barbnerdy
      December 9, 2012

      ah thanks, changed!

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