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Spotify finally started its service official in Germany.

When  I started using this musc streaming service as  premium user  in April 2009 there where only a bunch of people around for sharing, so I’m pretty happy to see they finally arranged it to start over here:

Barbnerdy auf Twitter Spotfy YouTube bad audio

But find out how it works for yourself. I think its fantastic. The apps are a great addition to the service. No its like reading AND listening  a music mag.

This is the screenshot of the brandnew app of one of my fave music sites: we are hunted.
[edit: We Are Hunted where bought in early 2013 by twitter not much happened since than–> wikipedia about We Are Hunted]

The App works like the website, you can smoothly listen to the tracks, skip and search but you are still in the spotify-app. Browsing through recommendations is super easy but I see here plenty room for more ideas for features.  It’s the first real music mag since we have all the nice digital tools.

A bunch of german apps also arrived. Not too many though, which makes it easy to explore them all. Massive room for improvement, but its all on a good way.

Of course, there are many downsides aswell. Most of all its the Facebook string… I wonder what will happen, when my account will be deleted.

I will use it mainly for exploring and sharing playlists.  The tracks I like I will buy and keep in my library. I digg from so many different sources, Spotify will have..hmm… in some genres only 50% of the content available. And:  i want to “have” them on my hard disk with a bunch of backups.

Let’s see how it will work over here. They came really late, meanwhile simfy established, rdio just started and rumours are around that deezer and wimp might come aswell.





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