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A lot of things are happening right now so this is just a quick update on whats happening in my “sharing means caring” world. The Gründer Garage event went very well and right after this one I got introduced and connected to the nice people who organize the MusicTechFest Andrew Dubber and Michela Magas. I helped them a little bit to organize the event here in Berlin and the upcoming show in Paris, where I am also DJing, very exciting! Talking about DJ-Sets: In Berlin I still have no chance to play and even I asked 6! times at Club Gretchen to do a follow-up gig (played there last year in April, here is the recording of my set) the answer was always: “Yes! Great, let’s do it soon” –> nothing happened. Despite this I had two very nice gigs, one was in Berlin at the Mazooka Shop where I played 4 hours of (nearly) strictly Hip-Hop:

And last week I played a really cool gig in Dublin for the tech company TWILIO during the WebSummit. Very cool event, very good deal as I had the chance to go to the very huge web – conference: WebSummit. (recording will be uploaded very soon)

Talking about conferences, I also visited the Pioneeers Festival in Vienna which I totally felt in love with and not only because of the location. While I was there I talked again to Andrea Leonelli for Digital Music Trends:

On friday I will do something I always wanted to do: I will go to Gran Canaria to work from there at The Surfoffice. Since I can do my regular job at any place in the world with a good internet connection, this was on the list for so long already! Very curious. And from there I go directly to Paris, to help the guys at the MusicTechFest and to DJ.

Beginning of December I am invited to Hamburg, to hold a keynote and be part of the Jury at the MUSIC WORKS DAY. (Link to the event will follow) and last not least the year is ending with the Chaos Congress in Hamburg.

Lets stay busy!

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  1. Matthias
    November 11, 2014

    Wow, this sounds awesome, quite a life 😉 I’ve been tinkering with the idea of retreating to a friendlier working environment (weather-wise) for some time, so thanks for the heads up re the the Surf Office. Enjoy your stay there!


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