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Do you remember? Back in the days, when you where writing thoughts, ideas and exciting things which happened in a little book, the diary? Maybe locked with a little, cute lock. For you eyes only?
Yes, I also had this. And one day, when I moved myself and a lot of stuff from Munich to Hamburg I just forgot one box with all this calendars and little diaries….. So a lot of things, which happened in my life in the 80ies are kind of forgotten. But here comes Memolane. The way better timeline than the one in Facebook: Taking pictures, status updates, sending Tweets have overtaken the time of writing memories in a calendar. Sure the calendar is still here but mostly for planing the future. But when I look at a picture I have taken or a check in together with a tweet I posted, I remember this moment again.  And thats where Memolane fits perfectly.  With a very “nice to use slider” on a timeline you can go through all  your feeds.

It is a great service where you can aggregate most of your content shared on the web. Funfact: It also shows my 1st tweet sent out in 2009.  The search works great, it happened very often that I was looking for a quote or a link I shared back in the days.
Here you can see all my #earcandy tweets (my personal music recommendations) I’ve sent out regularly. Started on the 10th of June 2010. (the embed code seems not to be working right now)

Here is the LINK to all of the #earcandy tweets and this is how it looks:

Memolane #earcandy BarbNerdy


Services which are available right now to integrate:

Services added MemolaneOn the right side are the services I have added. FunFact: Limited access services like Facebook or Foursquare can be looked up from the added contacts only.

You can create your own lanes,  follow other peoples lanes and the search is also kinda funky. I only have one lane with all my stuff. And it shows all content from the beginning, with the 1st tweet, Facebook post, flickr picture…or customized for a period of time.  Its just amazing, to take a look at your own past. And a great tool for visualizing boring monitoring graphs.

Twice a week I get emails with random memories from the past. Nice idea to bring the client back to site to scroll a little bit in the past.

There are many more features, a mobile version and of course a blog. (CrunchBase facts) So, go out and check it!



  1. Katie Stern
    October 15, 2012

    Hi Barbnerdy,
    Great detailed description of Memolane. I loved that you found our search feature useful and that you were able to create lanes using your hashtag #earcandy. Pretty awesome lane! Did you know that you can actually embed that lane into your blog post? If you click “share” located under the search, you can copy the embed code and paste it into the HTML section of your blog. Check it out and let me know if you have trouble. Love the post! Thanks for the shout out.
    Community Manager at Memolane

    • barbnerdy
      October 15, 2012

      Hi Katie,
      thanks very much, glad you like it.
      The embed code was not not working here with wordpress. Do you know if there are maybe any issues or is it just a user-mistake?

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