Who put *interest* in Pinterest?

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Since a few weeks a new service has launched as beta – invite only and created a lot of buzz here. It only took me half a day until i get an invite via the official site. Nice! Quickly many of my Twitter / Facebook friends arrived and started “pinning”.  —>  Overdosed (me)

How does it work:

Once you create your account, you can add people from Twitter and Facebook you start “pinning”. You can create “Boards” where you can put and comment your fave stuff. Also you can follow your friends  “Boards” and comment on their pins. To add a pin, Pinterest is providing a bookmarklet which is very buggy. (they are still in Beta, not to forget) On some sites it doesn’t recognize pictures even the page is full of pictures.
Here are my Pinterest boards:

As you can see I created boxes which I would like to use as storage where I can find things easy again and of course, share it. I’m looking for a place like this since a long time, since I’m not using Delicious anymore, i tried to work with Springpad but it got really complicated in terms of sharing.

And here comes the downside (for me)

When I open my Pinboard its just a page with hundreds of pictures. All the same size (which is good and reminds me about my fave food site: Foodgawker)  but with totally mixed content. Some people seem to pin everything from everywhere. Ok, I can unfollow them and try to find out who pins the most interesting things. But this makes not much sense to me. I prefer to follow people on google+, where the focus is more on content and not only on pictures. So I guess, I’m just not the target group. I would compare Pinterest with high glossy mags like Vogue, which I’m also not very interested in.

The other downside of it is, that you can only watch videos via YouTube directly in Pinterest. Every other link, like Soundcloud or Vimeo you will be redirected to the website.But this problem also occurs in google+.

Conclusion: —->  Input overload

But I will keep an eye on it, maybe other use cases will bring back the sense and fun. And I’m really looking for a place where I can store all the recommendations about, apps, movies, books etc…

Maybe Pinterest will become the place for me where I go first, when I want to watch a movie and don’t know which one. Cause in movies I’m so lost like anyone else in music….


What I didn’t mention in this article  is the complete copyright infringement which is happening here. And I mean this in a way that we need urgently changes in the copyright law. Otherwise things like this and other aggregated platforms will not have any possibilities for a long lifetime in Germany. And in my opinion, they are the future, that’s how we will “consume” and get information.


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