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Kreativ Lounge: IOT & privacy policy

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I was invited to this discussion at Kreative Lounge MIZ Babelsberg but somehow there was no chance to bring interesting points to this discussion. It was all about security and not about the “normal” user and its devices or services. This would have been my part. Link to the video:

announcement: –> 16th oct. 2014 –  6:00PM – 7:00 PM

I will talk a bit at the next MIZ Babelsberg – Kreative Lounge about wearables and privacy policy
moderated by: Michael Praterious
This event will be streamed via google HangOut (youtube-link)


Constanze Kurz
Sprecherin des Chaos Computer Club (CCC),
Informatikerin und Sachbuchautorin
Marek Tuszynski
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Tactical Tech Collective
Barbara Hallama
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and LIVE via Tel Aviv:

Avi Itzkovitch
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Experte für User Experience


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