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Bye Bye Memolane

Posted by: on Mar 10, 2013 | One Comment

Last year in october I wrote a little post about how much I like Memolane, the better timeline. And now? Its done. They closed the service. And with this dies the chance to find stuff I posted stuff to the internet (quickly) Sure I can find it somehow with much effort on the various services. Posterours also recently shut down its service. Didn’t used it much but it show again how quickly things can change and you have no control over it.
If you are into this daily memory email Timehop seems to do a decent job.  It seems to become the The biggest advantage for me on Memolane was the search… bye bye Memolane!

Another new service which could also do this job of archiving online activities is Archify. For now they cannot add things from the past and I’m not sure if this is on their roadmap. And again: what will happen with all the collected data once they close? Or what will happen if people want to see my data and I have no chance to have control over it. Questions Questions… some answers in here:

Here is an interview with Max Kossatz for Venture.TV: (german)

1 Comment

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