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Creating a list of email addresses with Cobook and Contacts App (osX)

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I’m about to set up a newsletter and the first task here is to get all the contacts sorted. The goal: Having all email addresses in a plain .txt or .csv file. The challenge:  The contacts are all over the place. A messy address book with duplicates and a hell lot of /not yet imported/contacts in zillions of emails.  (osX 10.8,  Mail 6.6 , Cobook and Contacts 7.1, both synched) How to get a list of email addresses from your contacts: Here is an easy one:

Go to your mails:
– add the contacts from the resent conversations to your address book (right click –> add contact)

Go to Cobook:
1. remove duplicates:
– search for double entries
– drag the duplicate to the original contact (multiple edit possible)
2. add a tag:
– sort by latest additions and edits = very comfortable!
– click on tag button on the bottom (bulk edit possible)

Go to address book:
I haven’t seen this function in cobook, I did it with the OS Contacts App
– show all contacts with/in the new tag  (Cobook) = group (OS Contacts)
– export as vCard

Go to terminal:
– go to folder with vCard (for example cd Desktop)
– make sure, file is visible as –>
– type the following command: –>  grep EMAIL vCards.vcf  | sed s/EMAIL.*://g | sort -u > a.txt

go to finder:
– now you have a new .txt file with all emails and nothing else

read also here (apple discussion).


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