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Downgrading to iTunes 10

Posted by: on Apr 2, 2013 | 6 Comments

–> Downgrading is the new Upgrading <–
Coded Narratives – Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez

Yesterday it was the day… I did a new installation of my OS and it happened. iTunes updated to version 11. Shocking! Since its release some month ago I tried to avoid it.  It just didn’t fit with my routine how I work with multiple open playlists, sorting in playlists etc… I organize all my music for DJ’ing with Serato Itch in iTunes. So this is really an essential tool for me. Rumours where around, that it’s nearly impossible to downgrade back to 10. But….This is the rough translation of a really useful post at . Thanks to Johannes for sending me this really helpful link! (For me it worked fine, no guarantee so…)

So, here is what to do:

Before you do all the following steps, please go to: previous  iTunes library and copy the library you opened before you did the update. (e.g.: Tunes Library 2013-03-30.itl) –
copy this to your desktop and rename it: Tunes Library.itl
replace the file in the iTunes folder.

1. download a version of  iTunes 1o.7 [Download]

2. go to the folder –> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks

3. delete this folders:

  • AirTrafficHost.framework
  • CoreFP.framework
  • DeviceLink.framework
  • iTunesAccess.framework
  • MobileDevice.framework

4. open Terminal and type: (this will delete the actual version of iTunes)

  • sudo rm -rf /Applications/

5. Now open the DMG of the just downloaded iTunes 10.7

6. and open iTunes, there will be a message:
–>couldn’t complete cause the file  –> iTunes Library.itl was opened already with a newer version of iTunes
the message will not appear if you have already changed the .itl file.

So, thats it. All back to happyness!



  1. Jefa
    April 12, 2013

    Thank you Johannes. Thank you Vanessa. Having just spent a few hours trying fix all the bugs caused by downgrading from the abomination that is iTunes 11 to the loveliness that is iTunes 10, I found your page. I did exactly as instructed and have now reclaimed full use of my iTunes and my sanity. No downloading third-party software.

    I am so very grateful.


    • barbnerdy
      April 12, 2013


  2. Jefa
    April 12, 2013

    I posted a ‘thank you’ response already, and I am grateful, but just wanted to warn others that may try this solution that I now can’t synch my iphone. Crappity.

    • barbnerdy
      April 12, 2013

      oh, thats not good. Here on my side everything works perfect, like before. I’m not synching the playlists on my iPhone automatically. Maybe thats why it works? Hmm…
      Its such a shame that its such an effort …

      • Jefa
        April 12, 2013

        Thanks. I’ll figure it out. It’s saying that there’s not enough space even though it’s exactly the same material that I synched yesterday. This is the second time I’ve accidentally downloaded iTunes 11 (the perils of watching telly and playing on the laptop at the same time) and I managed to get it all to rights last time. Eventually. The trick is to do so with out losing one’s mind.

  3. jefa
    May 25, 2013

    I just want to thank you AGAIN for this. I just accidentally upgraded to 11 – again – grrrr! I used the instructions exactly as you provide them above and they worked perfectly. (Last time I’d done a bit of mucking about before I found your solution so I think that was what caused the problem I reported.)

    I have now found this solution to stop Software Update even bringing up iTunes as an option for upgrade:

    Rock on.



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