My first wearable gadget: Misfit Shine

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Its time to write a little summary about my first fitness tracker outside of an App. Oh wait. Actually it is an app with a hardware extension. A very beautiful one! It comes with a wristband (lost this within some weeks already) but it also comes with a very strong magnet, to clip it somewhere on the clothes. Unfortunately I lost it on the last activity I wanted to test it: Hiking. (see movie at the end of this post)

I bought it because it can also track swimming, running and cycling.  Ok, swimming and cycling are still in a BETA-Lab version available but in reality these never worked. Nevertheless, this was the reason for me to buy it. Swimming and biking = my sport. Once it stopped working suddenly. Went to Gravis, where I bought it and they replaced it. Immediately. Good!

How it works:
After setting a daily goal I could see every day how much I achieved this and how much I have moved my body. The example I use here was an extensive bike trip.

2 options available, either in points (in reference to your goal) and a bit more detailed in steps, calories, distance. (ha.. but I was biking all day..)

Misfit Shine Test


scrolling down the single activity segments are visible. The segments are very short. Maximum 29 minutes I found out. After this a new segments appears. Or not. It’s not seemingless.

MisfitShine2clicking on one of the segments:MisfitShine4

The sleep tracking works very badly. Apps like SpleepCycle are doing a way better job. There is no possibility to active start the sleeping period so Misfit Shine is assuming I am already sleeping deeply while watching a movie.

Over the time I received a lot of mails about updates.  But they never had something to do with the functionality of the app. You can get now more wristbands or other hardware stuff like the beddit band. I lost interest in this product very quick. First I’d like to see that the app and hardware I already bought is working properly before I spend more money on other hardware.

It is:

  • a nice (expensive) gimmick
  • great to actually see how much you move your body
  • looks nice and it’s nerdy

Its just a gimmick. Nothing serious. Yet. For me. Lot of room for improvement.

My data is stored on their servers. I am very concerned about this. Its my data. Not yours.

R.I.P my first misfit shine, it is now somewhere here in the mountains:

Bergtour September2014 – Untersberg from BarbNerdy on Vimeo.







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  1. Philipp
    September 20, 2014

    Nice Review! I just want to add, that this is stimm the only waterproof device out there ant that you are able to start your sleepcycle by tapping it 3 times. I habe to say, that especially the sleep tracking works fabulous if you wear it on your wrist.


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