New Gadget: Misfit Shine

Posted by: on Jun 21, 2014 | No Comments

Why this?

I was looking for a wearable tracking thingi which tracks biking AND swimming in addition to the usual things like walking, running and sleeping. So I decided to go with the Misfit Shine which started first as a crowdfunding project on indigogo and went into production mode after the campaign got funded successful.20140621-102251.jpg

The Misfit Shine looks better than the Jawbone or Nike Fuelband and it has this super magnet so I do not have to wear it necessarily on my wrist. It comes together with an App, the synch works via bluetooth and now I’m very curious if this gives me extra motivation. One downside already: the data is available only on the iPhone and it is not possible to export (hello, feature request! ) The bluetooth synch also works only 1 out of 5 times. But lets see, we have to get used to each other.  Next week I will be running around like hell at the MLOVE Confestival, the perfect chance for a good test.

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