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What started with a regular DJ gig at the lovely Panke, quickly became my very own party series. With all the joy but also the duties a party is coming along with. All parties I organized in the past where super cool and music wise also very ahead (“me and my 5 friends”). Moneywise it was always risky but there was always a regular job, where some cash came in. One reason to make parties was that this was the only possibility to hear + play my favorite music AND to make people happy with it. And this is what happens every months at the Support Local Ghetto Parties. This is it, why I still do it.



EDIT: I was the managing director at the Disko B Booking agency and resident DJ at the club Ultraschall.

Back in the days (1992) in Munich I was involved with the Ultraschall Gang and Disko B Records. (The first Electronic Music Club in Munich)
I was totally into Garage House Music and I convinced Upstart, that this is the hot shit right now and he gave me the 2nd floor on friday night. (Saturday it became the Ambient Floor). Later I also played the big floor where I supported a lot of big name artists and my hero: Tony Humphries! (Everything started with a tape of his radio show back in the days on Kiss.FM NYC)
Need to dig in my old flyer, hope to find some Ultraschall Flyers.
Here is another one, it was the first series I played in Munich 1993 (not at the Ultraschall)


Later in 1996, when I moved to Hamburg, the Electronic “Platzhirsch” came to me, right after my arrival, to tell me, that he is the only Electro Jesus in this (music wise: small) city. Even he played the Ultraschall a lot I got never invited to play on their events. But this was the last thing which would stop me and my love about music.

With the great help of Norbert (R.I.P.) I got my regular gigs at the famous Pudel Club and he also helped me to make my own parties “Club N.E.U.” at the great and cosy place Tempelhof (Hamburg). It was one of the very few place where you could dance to everything from HipHop to Electro, from House to Jungle. Freestyle Baby! And the crowd at this time really loved the sound that Ralf aka Ralle and me where playing. In 1998 I organized there the fantastic (and very busy) label night: Clear Records meets Cheap Records with Matthew Herbert aka Dr. Rockit , Hall from Clear, DJ Hell, Patrick Pulsinger + Tunakan. (1997).

But also the showcases of MoWax (a label I was working with at this time) happened there. Another event I organized in Hamburg was a concert with Erobique, an artist which was nearly unknown at this time (1998) and around 5 people attended. This was total opposite to the very busy night with DJ Hell and Abe Duque at the Rote Flora (1998) shortly before I left Hamburg to move to Berlin. Actually it was really funny to see DJ Hell – who was a really big star at this time – getting in touch for the first time with the real Hamburg Squad Scene. (“no, we do not serve Champagne”)

Here you can see more flyers from the past.


Flyer: Support Your Local Ghetto

Back to resent: 3 years local ghetto:
Gig wise not much has changed, I play 2 or 3 gigs outisde of my night. So I still do parties to play at least once a month my favorite tunes for a small but unbelievable crowd. Money which comes in from the door goes straight away to the artists and often I put money from myself just to pay the broken sub woofer (YOLO!) or a pre-arranged fee when too less people showed up… Ah yes, its still a one women show. Don’t won’t to play out the gender card too heavy but really I did this ALL on my own with a little help from my friends. I would really love to play my music also somewhere , without the stress of beeing a promoter. But mostly, even if it was somehow agreed with my guests the exchange just didn’t happen. Sad! I palyed in Berlin at Gretchen once and it was really cool. But it looks like it was also a one off show. (Asked already 5 times again for another gig there., this doesn’t feel good, I can tell.)

Thank You:

A big big big thank you goes out to all the artists who played there for a minimum of fee with maximum pleasure. When I look at this list of artists who participated I am very, very proud to make it all happen. (sorted chronically).

DJ Soulmind (Through My Speakers)
Tinker (San Francisco, False Profit)
DJ Sieren (Project Mooncircle)
LIVE DJ Scientist (equinox Records)
DJ Brokenchord (Lithuania)
VSIUALS Glitchr (Lithuania)
DJ Vaiper Despotin (Lithuania)
LIVE I Kicked A Cloud Once (Denmark)
LIVE + DJ  Saturate Label Night: Doshy, Joney, Lakritze
DJ Kid Kameleon
DJ Perera Elsewhere aka Sasha from Jahcoozi
LIVE Jongpadawan (Denmark)
LIVE KRTS (Project Mooncircle)
DJ Maltron (Project Mooncircle/Finest Ego)
LIVE  Mad Zach (SF Robox Neotech) DJ Tools Workshop
DJ Hazeem (BLN hazeem.de)
DJ Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf (Mondayjazz.com)
DJ Sarah Farina (Through my Speaker)
Jim Avignon (Exhibition)LIVE  Neoangin (Band)
JStar (JStar Productions)
DJ Saetchmo (Echochamber)
DJ Tasmo (Berlin)
DJ Cpt. Pudding (progolog.de)
DJ Tanith: we are both called “Urgesteine” of the music scene
DJ Marinelli (Swing Ding)
DJ NieLow (Blogrebellen)
DJ Ronny aka Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

*hope I did not forget anyone!


  1. baze.djunkiii
    June 3, 2014

    those tempelhof nights are still badly missed…

    • barbnerdy
      June 3, 2014

      <3 aawwh... thank you! Always great to know likeminded souls are still around :-)

  2. baze.djunkiii
    June 6, 2014

    still writing about music, even still selling records at the record store counter for like 2 saturday shifts a month although i do loads of other things.

    i tend to be in berlin like every few months these days so i’m gonna watch out for the local ghetto thing… my friend donna maya lives quite close to the panke club so i might pop up someday.


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