Interview in the German Mag: MINT

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Edit: Read it here
For the first time in my long life with music I got interviewed about my history. The German mag MINT (a print mag for vinyl lovers) sent a journalist and a photographer to my house and we spend a great afternoon at my house. While we talked, I went through my record collection and found out that each and every record there has a story. And: None of records is in so called “Mint Condition” as each and every single one is played.

Interview with Barbara Hallama with German Mag MINT
In the interview I talked about how it was in Munich in the early 90ies. Where I had my first DJ gig at the Wunderbar (where I worked as a bouncer), how everything started when I lived in a big flat with a lot of people including DJ Hell, Upstart and the Ultraschall / DiskoB crew in the neighborhood and which role Tony Humphries played in my musical education and further on what happened in Hamburg and from 99 on in Berlin. Danke Mint Mag!



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