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UPDATED: some final thougts on the wordpress IOS App:

For the next days I have only access to the Internet via the iPhone. My MPB is at Gravis. Hopefully they can exchange the hard disk, I bought from them last year. Meanwhile I try to blog mobile via the WP iPhone IOS App and write everything down.

Sharing to my Social Networks out of the app is not possible only via the browser.

arrgh… everything I wrote yesternight is gone. There is no way to see auto saved versions which totally makes no sense! Also the drafts are not here.

Pics – upload works fine but i couldn’t figure out how to change the name
Screenshots can be edited with the Snapseed App

Embedding You Tube Videos – not possible cause there is no sharing link to WordPress.
update: copy + paste of the code works

Theme problem: no picture on the front page


UPDATE and final thoughts:

The WordPress App for iPhone IOS is working. Ok. But thats all. Its very basic and to find a good workflow is a bit boring. But for a quick simple post it works quite good. Also to check and approve comments and statistic.
But somehow I would have expected a bit more from a company with so many users.


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