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Aus den bekannten Gründen:

Here is the story:

  • the text was made with the ios big word app
    a fun tool to make quickly a statement and get attention. Imagine in a club and the DJ plays boring music…
  • screenshot done and saved this to the camera roll
  • uploaded it with the ios wordpress app

*with an iPhone 4Gs

so far everything works fine and quick. There is just one missing thing in the ios wordpress app: My theme (Theme Trust)  is built to have a (small) picture on the start page. Here I couldn’t find out yet how to manage this.

statistics, comments, adding posts and pages sounds like massive interface. but everything  seems to be condensed to the max. In a very simple way. Which really works for me. I don’t need too many options as I won’t use it for massive big blog posts anyway. (iPhone )






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