“Support Your Local Ghetto” in July:

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Next “Support Your Local Ghetto” at lovely Panke will be a concert, an exhibition and a bass-driven musical journey inclusive “don’t call it world” in the bar. Its on the 27th of July and an alternative band from Iran is playing before we start as usual the dj – night at the bar. (FB Event here)Read more what happened: 

Lovely Panke  says about itself: It’s a stream of ideas. Yup. Agree on it. Ideas are coming in, got chopped, screwed, cooked and suddenly some new things are happening. Last week I spent 3 nights there, cause I just can’t get enough of the Monday Jazz guys, playing music from all kind of genres, countries, ages. Mixed together and added some drums, samples, echoes and whatever equipment they used. No genre was played more than 1 maybe 2 songs but it so doesn’t sound like a kuddelmuddel-durcheinander. (i asked them but they do not have made a mix like this out there for your listening pleasure)

And so it happens, that this band from Iran called Langtunes sent a mail to Erikah from Panke to check out if there is a possibility for them to play there as a band. They where invited to play a festival so they got a visa.  OK, whats so special? An alternative rock band from Iran. Ok. WHAT? Check –> Maybe you have seen the documentary  “No one knows about Persian Cats“? In Iran its forbidden to play music like this, you can get into jail, read here an interview they did for the iranian blog: Pirate Radio Arazel

The music is cool alternative indie rock with some little plinks which i like!

The next cool coincidence, Nielow from Blogrebellen Blog and I where chatting about if we could do something together. Nielow originally from Iran… is one of the founder of Blogrebellen and loves world music. So it was totally obvious to get together for this. She got in touch with the band as she knows the language and “hurray!” she will also play some music from her favorite genre –> “don’t call it world” along myself. PLUS she did the poster / flyer. Thank you Nielow! Pls. check out also the interview she did with Nickodemus here at Blogrebellen.

Really much looking forward to this event!

Flyer art by: Nielow

SYLG Panke Berlin July 2012

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