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celebrate 2 Years anniversary:  ✔

And it was great! So many happy faces and dancing feet. Thanks to the DJ’s –>CPt. Pudding did a great introduction with cool beats and balkan/oriental inspired tracks, than Walter aka Marinelli started with his new gadget: Traktor on iPad.  NieLow started her set and suddenly everybody started grooving and dancing. Well done Lady! _Tasmo took over and played a very danceable set which was a perfect intro for Saetchmo’s Jungle set. I loved it all, cause every set was prepared for the local ghetto. Thank you very much.♥
And than.. in the end it turned out, that sometimes 5 DJ’s are not enough… so I had to end the party by myself, playing with the DJAY app on my iPhone. Ha.

Happy faces and dancing people at the lovely Panke:
(Its always way to dark for better pics… maybe a good thing)2yearsSupportYourLocalGhetto #2yrSYLG at the lovely Panke

#2yrsSYLG – Panke (M�rz 2013) by Progolog on Mixcloud

Marinelli – 2 YRS Support your local Ghetto

Tasmo – Support You Local Ghetto #2yrsSYLG

Saetchmo  – 2 years “support your local ghetto” at panke/berlin

BarbNerdy playing –> DJAY App #2yrSLG









2 Years Support your local Ghetto


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