Fahrradfahren in Berlin/Brandenburg

Fahrradfahren in Berlin/Brandenburg

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Ich hatte die Ehre und Freude im Podcast Regines Radsalon über meine Lieblingsbeschäftigung das Fahrradfahren zu erzählen. Dort treten normalerweise nur richtige Pro’s auf, lohnt sich auf jeden Fall zu abonnieren.

Lets meet at #rpTEN

Lets meet at #rpTEN

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I will play some #earcandy at #rpTEN:

Happy New Year

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the perfect New Year greetings from Berlins picture worker Just! Thank you for this great idea.

How to survive / thrive as an artist in the digital world

How to survive / thrive as an artist in the digital world

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UPDATE –> Workshop dates: 2.06. and 9.06.2014 14:00 – 18:00 at Music Pool Berlin

I gave a little talk at the 1st Community Event of Music Pool Berlin. It was the teaser for some upcoming workshops I will do there. Great audience, lot of good questions in a packed room.

Hier wird ein Sch(lo)eiss gebaut

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Yesterday night I was biking along the building lot of the very controversial discussed rebuilding of the Berlin City Castle and found this really cool “Slogan busting”:

Berlin: Abandoned Sport- and Congress Center

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Today it was again very grey, cold and rainy but instead of staying home I went on a little trip with friends and my new bike. Suddenly I had a  flat tire and we started walking, so we came along at this amazing old empty space. Its a a former sport- and congress center which was in use between 1954 – 1991. Later it was used for a TV film set. Right now its just there.  And of course everything is closed and blocked with boards. (more pics from some years ago: modernruins.de and some infos yout the building: TheOstWorld)

curious how it looks inside? —>

–> Support Your Local Ghetto <--

–> Support Your Local Ghetto <--

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24th of april ->its time again for lovely Bass music at the lovely PANKE in Berlin/Wedding:

This time we gonna go BIG and have 2 fantastic live acts playing – in the big room on the booom sound system:

KRTS (NYC, Project: Mooncircle)
Malton (BLN, Project: Mooncircle, Finest Ego, Project Squared, hhv.de)
JGB – (Lithuania – MondayJazz)
BarbNerdy (BLN, support your local ghetto)
FB event

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

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Today was the first day this year I took my bike and went for a ride. From Prenzlauer Berg up north-west to a wonderful area called Berliner Barnim (Tegeler Fließ). Beautiful 40 km slow ride, through the beautiful and rough nature. Some places still covered with snow and a lot of mud. But the sun was shining and the birds where singing. A perfect day after this really long winter. Pics –>

Support Your Local Ghetto

Support Your Local Ghetto

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celebrate 2 Years anniversary:  ✔

And it was great! So many happy faces and dancing feet. Thanks to the DJ’s –>

Happy 2nd anniversary lovely Panke!

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L.O.V.E. you! Thank you Erika and Justas for opening such a lovely place for all the great people with fantastic ideas, music and art!

Lets celebrate on Friday, 1st March – Panke –>Berlin/Wedding:

(FB Event) –> Panke people!

It has been two years since we opened! For our birthday celebreation we brought back the oringial musical lineup from the very first party with special guests support. Join us!

Jahtari Riddim Force LIVE
w/ Paul St. Hilaire (Tikiman)
Rootah & Dressla (Jahtari, LE)
Dubfish & Ben Jammin (Peacetime, Bln)